IT decision makers hear more about free food than security protocols

IT decision makers in the UK are more like to hear about staff birthdays and free food in the conference room than the latest security protocols in their business, according to new research from Centrify.

Out of 400 IT decision makers polled, 37 per cent said they hear more about employees leaving and joining the company than they do about security protocols in the organisation, while 20 per cent hear more about free food left over after meetings, 18 per cent about holidays/birthdays and 17 per cent about kitchen etiquette.

One in three also revealed that they have to fight for stricter security protocols, while over a quarter (27 per cent) say they have had stricter security protocols denied by their senior management team.

“Given the very high profile of data security breaches today, it is surprising that organisations are apparently not taking every opportunity possible to raise the profile of security internally and improve security protocols,” said Barry Scott, CTO EMEA at Centrify.

“As well as from the outside, many security breaches are caused by insider threats, either intentionally by staff or ex-employees taking revenge on their employer or for other malicious reasons, or unintentionally by employees clicking on a link from a potential attacker using social engineering techniques.

“Regardless of the source, companies should be making every effort to educate users and raise awareness of potential threats and to improve their security training and posture.”

Image source: Shutterstock

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