Analyst suggests this may be the last big iPhone launch

In time for the Apple launch this evening (6pm UK time, Wednesday September 9th), Argus Insights has revealed data which shows it could be last ‘bumper crop’ of iPhones based on consumer demand.

Apple is due to show off an improved iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, perhaps with a few other surprises.

Argus Insights CEO John Feland predicts that "Apple has one good cycle left in them, barring any earth shattering innovations".

"This upcoming round of iPhones is likely to be the iPhone’s Farewell tour," he said. "Market demand of future handsets will not be as high because the innovation pipeline has apparently run out of good (compelling enough for consumers to upgrade) ideas.

"iPhone sales are unlikely to hit the same peaks at next year’s upgrade cycle as the level of smartphone saturation tips to replacement over new users.

How to watch the September 9th Apple event live

Feland added: "iPhone 5S and 5C users were pulled into the upgrade cycle two years ago, and are now hungry for the bigger, bolder iPhone rumored to be launched on September 9th.

"Additionally, Android users who were still locked in during the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch last year, and those disappointed by the recent ‘Pengazi‘ issues with the Galaxy Note 5, are also likely converts to whatever handset Apple chooses to share with the world."

The consumer demand chart (below), based on 176,000 consumer reviews, shows current Apple customers are slowing their interest ahead of the new iPhone launch, but a lack of industry innovation may warrant this as Apple’s last success.

Jeremy Davies, CEO and co-founder at analyst firm Context, added: "There will be those who ask whether we really do need another iPhone. Individually, maybe not, but Apple does.

"The consistent renewal and refresh is not only to keep up the competitive pressure on rivals, but to ensure that first time buyers are swayed by the latest models, loyal iPhone users have reasons to upgrade, and people switching from Android – already at record numbers according to Apple – have even greater incentives to change."

For more info about falling smartphone demand, download Argus’ Q2 2015 Demand Report

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