Hybrid cloud solutions set to dominate in the near future

New research from Redcentric and Vanson Bourne reveal that most businesses see their ultimate cloud destination as a hybrid model.

200 senior IT managers in medium and large UK organisations were surveyed, with 63 per cent saying that they expect to use a mix of selective cloud services in the future.

In contrast only nine per cent will make large scale use of public cloud services, even fewer (eight per cent) intend to put everything in the cloud, Just two per cent said they wouldn’t use the cloud at all.

A tailor made strategy is also the most preferred cloud adoption approach – for 45 per cent – over using off the shelf standard services (31 per cent) or being self-guided (24 per cent).

Most respondents (65 per cent) said that they had a ‘middle distance’ attitude to Cloud, characterised by using a hybrid mix of on-premise and cloud services that will fluctuate and change over time.

This is in contrast to just 22 per cent whose attitude was ‘short distance’ focused on quick, tactical fixes and a low of 14 per cent who viewed the cloud as ‘long distance’ or a ‘transitional voyage’ for their organisation’s IT.

“UK IT managers clearly remain pragmatic about the adoption and benefits of cloud. Most want it to work alongside their existing infrastructures in hybrid form but few are willing to stake their entire future strategy on it – yet,” said Andy Mills, group sales director at Redcentric.

Image source: Shutterstock

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