A day in the life of: Liz Upton, Head of Communications, Raspberry Pi

My husband Eben and I both work at Raspberry Pi, so we come in together on the days we’re both in the office. We live outside Cambridge and have to use the A14 to get into town, so we usually plan on a 10am start to avoid traffic.

There’s a Commodore 64 on my chair. It wasn’t there yesterday. Stuff like this turns up all the time; there’s an empty 1980s arcade cabinet which I’m getting an intern to modify into a Pi-powered games, video and internet station that we can use to entertain visitors to Pi Towers. We pay our interns the same as our junior engineers; we’ve got some really high-powered kids helping us out this year.

I’m a zero-inbox person; I don’t sleep well if there’s stuff that still needs processing. Overnight about 100 more emails have come in; I have to be really methodical to stay on top of emails. I’m sent press inquiries, support requests, a depressingly large number of begging letters and lots of really lovely stuff from people in the Raspberry Pi community who want to give us suggestions, or to show us things they’ve built. The best projects end up on our blog, or in The MagPi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine.

I’m a few minutes late for a Skype meeting with some of our editorial team and one of the young people we’re mentoring on the Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists program; we’ve recently set up a publishing arm of the organisation which I’m running alongside our digital comms, and we’re talking about one of the new books we’re working on.

I’ve half an eye on our Twitter account, which I run and I drop into the website comments and forums every hour or so to moderate. Another moderator has flagged a post from a guy who is complaining that a long-standing commenter has called him a buttcrack in response to his long screed about how Raspberry Pi sucks. Helen Lynn, our social media editor, agrees with me, the guy is a buttcrack. We leave the comment up.

A very large zip file has arrived from Disney. I’ve got to judge the final selection of video entries from US high school girls who have entered a competition we’re running in partnership with Disney and Marvel, based around the new Ant Man movie. This is really hard: there are some crazy-good entries.

It’s Friday, so we’ve got an all-hands meeting before the end of the day, then it’s time for us all to go to the pub and commandeer the garden tables.

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