Bill Gates outlines plans to invest $1 billion in clean energy

Bill Gates previously revealed plans to invest $1 billion into clean energy technology over the next five years, and has outlined further strategies to help make the initiative happen.

On Gates’ blog, he said: “I think this issue is especially important because, of all the people who will be affected by climate change, those in poor countries will suffer the most.

“In addition to mitigating climate change, affordable clean energy will help fight poverty.”

Gates revealed that governments must take three key steps to help provide cleaner energy, including creating incentives for innovation.

He believes that there needs to be an increase in government funding for research on clean energy solutions.

Gates also asks that the energy market ‘accurately reflects the full impact of emitting carbon’, as well as looking for more ways to reduce the cost of subsidiaries and invest in basic research and development to help solve the issues.

Lastly, Gates has outlined the importance of treating poorer countries fairly, to help ensure climate change doesn’t hit them as hard.

Gates added: “As for next steps, I’m optimistic that the spotlight of the COP meeting in Paris will help motivate governments to step up their research budgets.

“Digital technology has revolutionised the way people live. We can create a zero-carbon future too, if we commit to it.”

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