Google unveils new Google Glass version for businesses

Google is reportedly rolling out a new version of its Google Glass to a range of businesses.

Some of the businesses who can expect to receive the new head-mounted device include those within the health care, manufacturing and energy industries.

The new addition also allegedly features a different design to its predecessor, including a rectangular frame and a button-and-hinge system that will allow the mini computer to attach to different glasses.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a new consumer version of the glasses is expected to launch in a year’s time.

However, reports have said Google doesn’t have any plans to officially release the newer version, and is instead offering the device to software developers creating programs to use the glasses in business environments.

This news comes after Google revealed it will be halting the production of Google Glass earlier this year.

The firm stated that it had plans to launch a more affordable version at a later date.

The original version of Google Glass was sold for $1,500 (£962), but was criticised due to security issues.

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