Apple Pay facing issues, TFL releases guidelines for use on tube

Apple’s contactless payment service Apple Pay launched in the UK this week, but some customers have revealed the service isn’t working as well as it hoped.

Brandwatch, an enterprise social intelligence platform, analysed 26,000 online mentions of the Apple Watch UK launch and has compiled a focus group of 15,789 people.

In the UK, 14 banks confirmed that they will be using Apple Pay, including HSBC who was unfortunately slated online because the service slipped back due to technical difficulties.

Banks that launched the service on Monday have seen an over 50 per cent positive reaction, with 583 NatWest customers tweeting about their use of apple Pay.

So far the most popular use for Apple Pay is on Transport for London’s bus, tube and rail networks.

Tesco has also been a favourite outlet to use the payment service, closely followed by Waitrose, Pret and Boots.

Natalie Meehan, marketing insights analyst at Brandwatch, said: “We’re surprised to see Nando’s – a typically strong brand on social media – gain so few ApplePay mentions.”

Customers have also reported problems with getting Apple Pay to actually work, as Brandwatch found that of the 26,000 tweets analysed, 10 per cent of those were about how people couldn’t get the service to work.

Meehan added: “Technology like this lives or dies on word of mouth. Apple Pay is positioned as being the fastest and easiest way to pay. If you think there’s a 50 per cent chance it could fail, you’ll just reach for your credit card instead.”

TFL has also flagged up issues with Apple Pay and has released its own set of guidelines for the service.

The transport company has informed users to ensure they use the same device to check in and out with on their journey, as well as ensuring the device has enough juice to last.

In other payment news, Samsung has finally cottoned on to the idea of NFC payment services with a separate brand, launching its own trial of Samsung Pay in South Korea.

The service will allow users of its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices to make payments via NFC-enabled payment terminals and standard credit card readers.

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