Can you repair a BBC Micro? Bletchley Park museum needs you

The National Museum of Computing is appealing for people who can repair BBC Micro computers.

Located on the Bletchley Park estate, the museum has around 80 BBC Micro computers and is looking for volunteers familiar with the computer and its hardware.

While some BBC Micros are in display cases, a majority form part on an interactive exhibit that recreates a 1980s classroom.

Over the past year, more than 4,500 students have visited the museum on the Learning Programme, which lets them use an original BBC Micro to hack a computer game programme and for many, have their first experience at coding.

“It’s one of the most popular parts of the Learning Programme and high on the list of requested activities for returning groups,” says the museum.

"The main problem we need to sort out is the power supply," said Owen Grover, a volunteer at the museum. "There are two capacitors that dry out and if we do not replace them they tend to explode and stink the place out. So we change them as a matter of course.

"The good thing about them is that they are repairable. We are not going to be repairing power supplies in modern equipment in 30 years’ time because they are not designed to be opened up and replaced."

Those interested in volunteering can get in contact with the museum via its website.

Check out more content about Repairs and Maintenance in our dedicated section.

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