in 2014 SMBs accounted for 99.3% of private sector businesses

More IT upgrade opportunities for SMBs

Steven Steenhaut, senior marketing director EMEA at Nuance Communications, explains why not all SMBs realise how important simple IT upgrades can be for their businesses…

While they may not have the same public awareness as well known organisations, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are the economic backbone of the country.

Thanks to their entrepreneurialism and pioneering spirit, in 2014 SMBs accounted for 99.3 per cent of all private sector businesses in the UK and 47.8 per cent of private sector employment.

The fact is that SMBs’ productivity – and their further success – is being stifled by the day-to-day management and creation of text-based documents, according to the findings of a recent report entitled ‘Better technology, greater efficiency’.

The research indicates that 41 per cent of SMBs don’t have the time to consider what potential improvements they could make to their efficiency, and are unaware that in some cases improvements can be driven by simple IT upgrades, like deploying productivity-boosting desktop speech recognition and affordable imaging solutions. A further barrier to them achieving greater efficiencies is the pace at which SMBs review their software requirements. A third of SMBs state that they review them only every 18 months or longer. If software refresh rates aren’t keeping up with the pace that software is being updated, this means some SMBs are using products that are no longer class competitive – even if their business performance and growth depends on them.

However, you can help SMBs improve their document-related productivity dramatically by explaining the benefits of implementing powerful desktop speech recognition software, like Dragon. Ready to use out of the box, available for both Windows and Mac users, modern day speech recognition software helps people get more work done, simply because we typically speak three times faster than we type.

Plus, with accuracy levels of up to 99 per cent, SMBs will spend less time making corrections. Dragon’s performance can also help customers deliver an even better quality of service.

We can also help you unshackle SMBs from another burden. When choosing PDF software, the report found that 29 per cent of SMBs miss out on potential cost-savings and productivity enhancements by sticking with the brands they know, instead of evaluating competitive solutions. Given that 71 per cent of UK SMBs use PDFs, helping them migrate to a cost-effective and powerful solution with an uncomplicated license model, could save many SMBs money and drive up their productivity.

In light of these findings, now’s the time to help small businesses easily ramp-up their productivity and efficiency using the latest business software.

Steven Steenhaut is the senior marketing director EMEA at Nuance Communications.

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