Avangate?s new commerce platform to help B2B vendors plug revenue leakages

Avangate has unveiled a new commerce platform designed to avoid revenue leakage and maximise customer value.

Aimed at helping B2B vendors take advantage of the opportunities surrounding trends such as wearable tech, IoT and Big Data, the Avangate Commerce Solution offers a unique set of tools and actionable insights to drive customer value and build long-term relationships.

“The New Services Economy represents the next rapidly expanding trillion-dollar market and is reshaping how companies should view Digital Commerce. It’s no longer a hit-and-run, one-time transactional economy. The proliferation of pay-as-you-go business models and the explosion of revenue moments across the activation, upsell/cross-sell, renewal and retention stages require companies to focus beyond just upfront customer acquisition,” said Carl Theobald, CEO of Avangate.

“Each revenue moment is an opportunity for digital businesses to build long-term relationships with their customers. Otherwise, it can be a point of failure that drains revenue.

“How companies navigate these moments and points of revenue leakage across the Commerce Lifecycle are life or death for digital businesses.”

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