Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla team up to make browsers 20 times faster

Engineers at some of the biggest tech firms, including Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla, are teaming up to create code for us in future web browsers.

The team have come together to create WebAssembly, a bytecode that promises up to 20 times faster performance.

Bytecode is a machine-readable instruction set which browsers can load quicker than high-level languages. It is also more efficient for both desktop and mobile browsers.

WebAssembly will include both a binary notation, that compilers will produce, as well as a corresponding text notation, which will be used in debuggers or development environments.

The idea is to bring app-like performances to the web. WebAssembly is still in the early stages, but with such big names behind the project, it seems inevitable that we’ll be getting super-fast web browsers in the near future.

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