F-Secure offers new Business Suite tools for IT managers

F-Secure has updated its Business Suite security solution to help It managers control and manage the risks facing modern businesses.

The product line now faces new emphasis on the role of control and manageability as the foundation for reliable security.

Additions to the new Business Suite release include a new version of F-Secure’s Client Security and an updated Policy Manager. These additions will give IT managers new capabilities such as:

– Blocking content (such as Java, Flash or other web components) with Advanced Protection.

– Preventing employee exposure to malicious websites with Web Content Control.

– Controlling access to potentially unsecure sites with Connection Control while performing business critical tasks.

“Many of today’s cyberattacks are quite simple in a technical sense and easily prevented if you don’t give attackers resources that they can use in their attacks,” said Jarno Niemelä, senior researcher at F-Secure.

“Attacks need two things above all else – a channel to reach potential victims and for potential victims to have vulnerable software that attackers can exploit. So having good cybersecurity means using tools and tactics that prevent attackers from being able to execute these two strategies."

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