Headset lets participants 'race' flying drones from a first-person perspective

Move over eSports, because UK drone racing is here

Forget eSports – drone racing is the next weird and wonderful thing that’s on the rise in the UK (and across the world).

What the heck is drone racing? It involves a bunch of people racing remote-controlled drone quadcopters around a course. But the interesting thing is these participants wear a headset wirelessly linked to a camera on their drone, allowing them to pilot the copter from a first-person viewpoint.

This has caused some to refer to drone racing as first-person racing or FPV.

The Verge has posted a lengthy article online about the sport after attending a race in East Grinstead.

You can check out a video of drone racing in action here:

While the idea of drone racing isn’t brand new, it’s on the rise. There are more clubs and Facebook groups popping up promoting drone racing across the UK.

And Drone racing isn’t just increasing in prominence in the UK either.

This Gizmag article explores the ‘underground’ drone racing scene in Queensland, Australia, where serious modders add custom LED lighting effects and other bling upgrades to their drones before flying them through a large indoor space.

You can check out a video of an Australian drone race below: 

Okay, maybe we were a little over overzealous comparing eSports to drone racing, as eSports is pretty big right now, but still.

Like eSports, we look forward to hearing the inevitable but largely pointless debate about whether drone racing can become an Olympic sport in the months and years to come.

Image source: The Verge

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