Find out how to prepare for Ofcom?s new business regulations

Ofcom’s new regulations for B2C businesses using NGNS (Non Geographic number services) are coming in to force on 1st July 2015, but are you prepared for the changes?

Regulated by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), companies using 08, 09 and 0118 numbers have a legal obligation to make the cost of calling those numbers clear on any advertising or promotion material, including print and online.

While regulations can be confusing, has developed a free online tool, which uses Ofcom data to provide organisations with the specific wording they must use to advertise the cost of calling.

Accompanying the tool,’s long established team is also educating and assisting organisations by providing free and impartial advice on the changes and how they will affect businesses. This includes such elements as unbundling charges, reduced price points and the removal of set-up fees from call charges.

“In our effort to be the number one provider of choice for compliance advice, we are excited to be able to offer businesses our free online tool, removing the stress of researching such information as service charges, to show the correct service charge point your business should be advertising,” said Matt Newing, CEO at

“For those who are also looking for advice on best practice, our team of experts are on call to assist in the understanding of these changes and how you can make your business compliant ahead of 1st July.”

Check out the free Ofcom compliance tool here.

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