Samsung's Phil Oldham talks about the impact VR can have in the business sector

Samsung: ‘VR isn’t just for gamers; it can help you sell’

Samsung’s head of marketing, Phil Oldham, has detailed how vurtual reality can be used during sales pitches.

Speaking in an interview with PCR sister publication IT Channel Expert, Oldham stated: “A lot of people assume that virtual reality is about gaming and movies, and just for consumer use. What we’re finding now is that it’s having a lot of traction in the business sector.”

He gave examples of how some car showrooms are currently using Samsung’s Gear VR headset to give customers virtual test drives and showing them other cars in the range. “This is a really exciting way of using virtual reality and it really gives a whole new level of flexibility and potential for that business sales process,” he explained.

Oldham also spoke about how smartwatches are making an impact in the business sector and how he believes IoT will affect workplaces in the near future: “Having a fully connected smartphone with a SIM in it on your wrist gives a whole world of possibilities for business users.

“IoT is going to drive change in the consumer world, but also in the workplace too. People are going to expect workplaces that are more flexible where the environment can adapt to business requirements.”

Check out the full interview here.

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