Will this security service be the death of the password?

‘We will kill the password’ – video

Security service and digital wallet Dashlane says that it will ‘kill the password’, and shares where it thinks iCloud went wrong in an exclusive interview with PCR.

Dashlane is a password management and digital wallet platform that collects all of a users login details in one place, and protects them with one automatically generated master password.

Its wallet lets users pay on selected sites using the Dashlane platform.

The guys behind Dashlane claim that it is the most secure login management system in the world.

In light of the recent celeb hacks on iCloud, many people freaked out about where they are storing sensitive data online – so Dashlane has a challenge ahead of them when it comes to convincing users that it is a viable option.

VP of partnerships and marketing Nishant Mani and senior marketing manager Ryan Merchant talk to PCR about how the company could spark the inevitable death of the password, and offer their thoughts on the recent iCloud celeb hacks.

Dashlane is available now for free on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

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