Chinese firms beat Riot Games and LEGO to minifig offering

Fake League of Legends LEGO created by Chinese toy companies

One of the world’s most popular MOBA PC games has spawned two unofficial LEGO minifigs collections.

The sets are available in China – where international copyright laws appear to not be an actual thing – by two toy companies called Decool and Bozhi.

The offerings from the two companies are made up of original designs and comprise of 14 figures in total.

The sets feature League of Legends champions such as Pantheon, Renekton, Katrina, Garen, and Tryndamere.

According to, Decool is infamous for its LEGO knockoffs and often combines legitimate LEGO sets into its own products.

Developer Riot’s co-founder and president Marc Merrill said the below, but later commented saying "by amazing, I mean bold".

Developer Riot Games revealed to PCR at the beginning of the year that it would bring League of Legends retail cards to the UK and Europe.

The UK division of ESL also partnered with developer Riot Games to create a UK competitive platform for the game’s community.

As the MOBA PC game genre continues to increase in popularity there has been much demand for an official LEGO collaboration.

There was even a League of Legends set submitted to the LEGO CUUSOO project, which allows fans to pitch ideas to LEGO with the firm picking ones to manufacture, but unfortunately it didn’t get enough support for approval.

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