Independent nature to thank for low price, claims Aussie vendor behind the budget box

£550 4K TV to ‘shake up Ultra HD market’

Australian manufacturer Kogan has revealed the world’s first Ultra HD TV under £550.

Like its more expensive rivals, the 55-inch smart TV has a 4K resolution of 3840×2160, but the company claims that “the real innovation is the price”.

4K TVs are yet to reach the same level of adoption among consumers as HD displays, but Kogan hopes that its budget model will inspire a reduction in costs for Ultra HD sets among more established vendors.

“Kogan is certainly shaking up the industry with this pricing, so it will be interesting to see how the big brands respond,” a Kogan spokesperson told PCR.

Questioned about how the low price was achieved, the representative praised the company’s independence.

“Kogan has always been a 100 per cent direct-to-consumer, online-only business,” they explained. “It [has been] from day one.”

“We never operate through other resellers. Cutting out all the middlemen allows Kogan to pass the savings of an efficient business model on to shoppers."

“This is core to our business model and it’s how we have been able to achieve such great prices.”

While the TV has been confirmed to cost less than £550, an exact UK release date and price is yet to be announced.

“Generally it’s Australians who look at prices of technology overseas with envy,” said Kogan in a press release.

“For once, it’s now the rest of the world looking to Australia.”

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