Philips MediaSuite 6214U series

PPDS launches new line of voice-controlled Philips MediaSuite TVs

PPDS’ launch of a brand-new, advanced series of premium 4K Philips MediaSuite TVs now includes the new Philips MediaSuite 6214U series, and a new 55” variant to the MediaSuite 5214U family.

Careful design considerations incorporate hygiene and energy efficiency as each of these MediaSuite TVs has a F-rated energy label, with the 75” achieving an E. Making them a professional TV with one of the best rated energy efficiency labels on the market today.

Available in 43”, 50”, 58” (new to the MediaSuite family), 65” and 75” variants, the wall mountable 6214U is PPDS’ most energy efficient Philips MediaSuite TV range to date, providing 400 nit, 4K UHD picture quality and a brand new, near bezel-free full metal anthracite colour design.

The new 55” MediaSuite 5214U brings a new size option to the existing 43” and 50” family released in the range last year. Featuring a new, virtually bezel-free black design, the 5214U offers 350 nit, 4K UHD picture quality and comes equipped with a stylish table stand out of the box. Wall mounting is also available, depending on preference or room requirements.

Jeroen Verhaeghe, International Business Manager for Hospitality, and the mastermind behind Philips MediaSuite, said: “The launch of the brand-new Philips MediaSuite 6214U series, and the addition of a 55” model to the existing MediaSuite 5214U family, further builds on our strategy to support our customers and react to their needs and wants.”

Keep it clean
Similar to previous models, the latest MediaSuite TVs can be remotely managed using PPDS’ CMND platform and, designed on an Android OS, firmware can be regularly updated with the latest features, functionality and security updates.

With hygiene being of paramount importance to hoteliers and guests alike, Philips MediaSuite 6214U TVs also now come equipped with a Philips Premium Hygienic Remote Control. Made from anti-microbial materials, the remote is entirely cavity free – including no raised buttons and an anti-theft battery cover – allowing for fast and simple cleaning and reducing the risk of harmful germs and bacteria being spread.

In addition, with MediaSuite TVs running on the latest Android TV OS, their remote controls feature a highly secure, ‘push to talk’, Google Assistant microphone, allowing guests the choice to control popular services, such as Netflix and YouTube, through voice activated commands, or via dedicated shortcut buttons.

MediaSuite remote controls can also include the Google Talkback feature, providing spoken word and other audible feedback to let users that require assistance to know what’s on the screen. Longer battery life also helps to reduce timely staff interventions and costly battery replacements.

Jan Van Hecke, Global Product Manager, Professional TV at PPDS said: “Hygiene has never been more important nor more scrutinised. The TV remote control can, without regular cleaning, harbour some very unpleasant and potentially harmful inhabitants, none of which you’d willingly want to pick up. It’s a serious issue and, with our hygienic remote controls, we want to help guests and hotel staff enjoy the safest and cleanest environment possible.”

Verhaeghe added: “With Philips MediaSuite 6214U and 5124U, we help to put the guest in control of their experiences. Whether that’s viewing linear TV, catching up with their streaming shows, or casting content from their own personal device to the big screen, MediaSuite lets them feel at home. The days of sitting in a hotel watching TV in a language you don’t understand or watching the latest blockbuster on a small mobile phone or tablet are long gone.”

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