Venari Security establishes new Tunisian Centre of Excellence 

London-based cybersecurity company, Venari Security is opening a Centre of Excellence in Tunis, Tunisia. The centre will become a hub for more than twenty talented development, research and cyber specialists representing the start of Venari Security’s significant investment in the region.

 The company plans to double the size of its workforce in Tunis in 2022, increasing to over forty employees and generating new opportunities for cyber security specialists. The team will develop Venari Security’s Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA) platform. Without decryption, the platform leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioural analytics, allowing organisations to better understand their encrypted traffic attack surface by detecting abnormal behaviour and adhering to internal and regulatory compliance.

 Regulations worldwide are driving massive uptake in end-to-end encryption to support customer data privacy while in transit and at rest. 62% of the top 1000 global websites now support the TLS 1.3, ensuring full end-to-end encryption. Whilst encryption provides privacy and regulatory compliance, risks remain with the organisation. Attackers can still breach the organisation’s perimeter, enabling them to move undetected through an organisation’s network. Venari Security helps organisations gain unrivalled visibility into activity on their encrypted networks to help them remain compliant and identify suspicious behaviour.

 Last year, Venari Security raised $8.1 million in a 2021 Series A funding round. High-profile industry backers include Lane Bess, Paddy McGuinness, Cris Conde, and more. The funding has allowed the business to create the Centre of Excellence in Tunis.

 Venari Security will also look to host a series of networking events from mid to late February to connect the senior management of the Centre of Excellence with local business leaders.

 “Our Tunis-based employees are an integral part of the Venari Security team, and we are proud to announce this investment as evidence of our sustained commitment to the region. We have allocated a significant proportion of our Series A funding to rebuild the platform and equip our employees in Tunis with an environment where they feel comfortable collaborating. A place they can call home,” said Tom Millar, CEO of Venari Security.

 “The launch of the Centre of Excellence is an exciting opportunity to create a new hub for some of the best talent Tunisia has to offer. We are expanding rapidly and are looking to connect with smart and ambitious individuals from a variety of disciplines to join the Venari Security team,” added Wajih Kharroubi, Head of Engineering at Venari Security. “At the Centre, we will be developing a solution to one of cybersecurity’s next big challenges – the threat of malicious activity concealed on encrypted networks. We hope to make the Centre of Excellence a shining example of cyber security R&D and innovation within the region while connecting with local businesses to support them in overcoming the compliance and security challenges that they face day-to-day.”

 The Centre of Excellence will open on 16th February 2022 at City Lake Center situé à l’Avenue de l’Euro Les Berges du Lac 2, Tunis.

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