Surprise appearance of Ascend Quad-core phones based on Huawei's own Nvidia Tegra 3-beating K3V2 superchip.

Huawei claims ‘world’s fastest’ Android 4.0 phone

Mainland Chinese phonemaker Huawei unveiled a new quad-core smartphone called the Ascend D Quad, based on the firm’s own processor which the firm claims is the world’s fastest.

Better known for budget Android phones, Huawei boss Richard Yu unveiled the new high-end 4.5-inch Ascend D Quad with similar specs to other recent high-end Android smartphone entries including 1280 x 720p resolution and eight megapixel camera.

However unlike other phones such as the LG Optimus 4X HD, the Ascend is not based on the brand new quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 superchip but rather the K3V2 made by Huawei’s own HiSilicon technology group. Huawei reckon the chip is not only the world’s fastest mobile chip but also 30 to 50 per cent speedier than Nvidia’s best.

The K3V2 is based on four ARM Cortex A9 processor cores and a graphics part from an unnamed US-based graphics chip designer. Huawei is hoping to sell the K3V2 to other smartphone makers and if the firm’s own benchmarks are to be believed, doubtless they’ll get some takers.

In unnamed 3D benchmarks, Huawei claimed the new chip cranked out 35fps while a previous generation dual-core Snapdragon managed just over 8. Nvidia’s Tegra 3, by comparison, managed just 13, they said. Naturally, realistic comparisons will need to wait for third party comparisons.

Huawei has only dabbled in high-end Android phones to date, preferring the mass market. However now it seems Huawei wants a slice of the top end too and unveiled a line of planned Ascend handsets including the Quad XL, fitted with a large 2,500mAH battery and a cheaper dual-core D1 model.

Huawei generally applies a light touch to Android modifications so Android fans looking for a high-end Android set sans heavy modifications such as HTC Sense, might well find solace in the the Ascend range.

What’s more, given Huawei’s focus on less expensive devices, if you’re prepared to sacrifice a little bling, the Ascend may well be some of the best value Android 4.0 phones to arrive when they appear in April.

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