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VIDEO: Transport can be booked and monitored using an iPad

German boffins test driverless taxi

A team from the Freie Universitat Berlin has demonstrated a radar-guided self-driving taxi, booked using an iPad application.

Echoing Google’s recent AI-driven car tests, the German AutoNOMOS project has an established record of developing driverless technology, having reached the semi-finals of the US defence DARPA Urban Challenge in 2007, a competition to discover the best effort at driving a vehicle through a city unaided.

The recent demonstration shows an application on the iPad which lets the user order an automated taxi to pick them up from a random location. The protype VW Passat, called ‘Made in Germany’, has a GPS tracker, three cameras, radar sensor and several laser scanners. 

In the video below the car is shown exiting a carpark while the user watches the progress of the car on a map via the iPad application:

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