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Marketing veep says "technical guys are pretty cool"

AMD tells girls how to land a geeky boyfriend

AMD vice president of marketing Leslie Sobon has published an blog called ‘Get a Geek in Five Easy Lessons’.

Writing on the AMD blog, Sobon said that working in high tech meant that she was "mostly around guys all day" and that "technical guys are pretty cool." Apparently technical guys will always be able to fix the TV, PC and the sprinkler system.

Sobon’s five step plan starts with learning the language, providing a link to a glossary of common PC terms which she said was written by "women in high tech for non-geeks" and continues to "hang out where the geeks hang out", citing QuakeCon, ‘overclocking events’ and LAN parties.

Third on the list is "ask questions", offering the advice that non technical ladies don’t need to understand the questions but rather just to act interested. "If you don’t love gadgets, love the content", comes next – pointing to geek stereotypes of Sci-Fi and videogames.

Lastly Sobon says "ignore his clothes," said that geeks don’t wear pants, presumably refering to the American definition rather than underwear. Geeks wear jeans or shorts, Sobon says, while an upside is that "You wont have to learn sports" before listing a number of US specific games. 

Sobon, unsurprisingly, finishes with an AMD marketing message. Having snagged a geek, "cool toys" which they will apparently like include a great graphics card (Radeon), three screens (eyefinity) and an unlocked CPU (Black Edition processors). 

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