Research shows 43 per cent of firms will up their IT spend

IT key for business post-recession

62 per cent of CEOs see IT as important in their post-recession strategy, research has shown.

Technology research firm Gartner conducted a survey of 190 companies in the US and UK with annual revenues of more than $1 billion. The survey probed their views and priorities for 2010 and beyond, dealing specifically with recovery following the recession.

IT remains key for next year. 43 per cent of respondents plan to increase their level of IT investment, with 45 per cent keeping the same IT investment level and only 13 per cent decreasing it.

"These preliminary results will help CIOs and their teams with the planning and budgeting work they are doing in the next few months,” said Mark Raskino, research vice president and Gartner fellow.

Along with the importance of IT, results from the survey also suggests 42 per cent of business leaders are already focusing more on revenue growth than cost control.

In 2009, CEOs initially placed cost cutting at the top of their priorities to cope with the sudden and severe recession. In 2010, 71 per cent of business leaders said their focus is a return to revenue growth.

Raskino added that a re-emphasis on IT and revenue growth in 2010 should ultimately benefit the customer: “IT leaders should propose new ways in which technology can be used to support existing and new customers.”

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