Analyst says internet use in coming years will "blur lines between personal and professional"

Mobile internet devices to rise to 1bn in 2013

The number of mobile devices being used to access the internet will rise so more than one billion by 2013, a research firm has said.

Analysts at IDC said that there were more than 450 million mobile internet devices being used worldwide this year. Although there will be more than one billion mobile devices accessing the internet by 2013 some people may, of course, have more than one.

"With a wealth of information and services available from almost anywhere, internet-connected mobile devices are reshaping the way we go about our personal and professional lives," says IDC’s chief research officer John Gantz.

"With an explosion in applications for mobile devices underway, the next several years will witness another sea change in the way users interact with the internet and further blur the lines between personal and professional."

IDC believes that some of the fastest growing uses for the mobile internet in the next four years will include online purchases, communities and blogging, as well as business uses.

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