New specification allows wireless electronics to share files without using up bandwidth

Wifi devices to connect without internet

Wifi devices will soon be able to connect in a way that makes it easier to complete tasks such as printing and sharing files, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The industry group says it is close to completing a new specification which will allow wifi devices to connect to each other without joining a traditional home, office or hotspot network.

The specification will be available in any wifi product, from mobile phones, notebooks, and printers to cameras, keyboards and headphones. Devices will be able to make a one-to-one or group connection without the need for an internet connection.

Products which achieve the Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification, due to begin mid next year, will be described as ‘Wi-Fi Certified Wi-Fi Direct’. Only Wi-Fi Alliance members will be able to certify devices.

“Wi-Fi Direct represents a leap forward for our industry,” said the Wi-Fi Alliance’s executive director, Edgar Figueroa. “Wi-Fi users worldwide will benefit from a single-technology solution to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily among devices, even when a Wi-Fi access point isn’t available. The impact is that Wi-Fi will become even more pervasive and useful for consumers and across the enterprise.”

The specification works for both consumer electronics and enterprise applications, with certified devices being able to discover each other. Wi-Fi Direct devices will support typical wireless ranges and data rates, allowing them to connect from across a home or office.

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