UK retailers offer new operating systems at half US prices

Windows 7 available for ?65

Pre-orders for Windows 7 Home Premium edition have seen another price cut in the UK, with the operating system available for as little as £65.

The move comes after reduced price pre-orders of Windows 7 sold out in record time, and this time the price reductions are expected to remain at this level.

The UK Microsoft store is offering the OS for £79.99, however a visit to some of the retail partner websites reveal further reductions. PC World has priced the software at £69.93, while is offering it at £64.98.

This offers a reverse to the usual rules, whereby European customers can expect to pay significantly more for software than their American counterparts.

One reason for the reduced price may be the fact that European versions of the operating system will be shipping without an integrated internet browser due to an EU antitrust ruling.

Another reason could be the strength of the Euro and Pound Sterling against the Dollar, which has seen many US companies seeking to expand their presence in European markets.

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