35 per cent drop in desktop business sees Apple sales fall by one per cent

Mac sales slow down

Market analyst group NPD has reported that although US sales of Apple laptop sales still outpace rivals, a 35 per cent drop in desktop sales has seen an overall slowdown for Apple.

While its year-on-year sales have dropped by one per cent, industry-wide PC sales have grown by two per cent.

It has been speculated that the reason for this is the comparatively small price cuts that Apple has implemented on its range. At a time when average PC prices have fallen by up to 45 per cent, Macs have seen prices cut by a modest five to ten per cent.

Despite this slowdown, Apple is predicted to do well as Macs offer significantly higher profit margins of around 20 per cent compared to mainstream PCs, which are estimated at six per cent or less.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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