Plans for a cloud computing based OS revealed

Microsoft to develop non-Windows operating system

Software giant Microsoft has plans to develop an operating system from the ground up, SD Times has revealed.

The system will not be a further development of the Windows model as it is intended for tasks that were un-thought of at the time of Windows’ conception.

The new system, codenamed Midori, is to be primarily based on the internet and will be calibrated for distributed resources, known as ‘cloud computing’. This is to better reflect the needs of the modern user, who moves across multiple devices and shares resources remotely.

For security and performance benefits, Midori is to be organised as an array of compartmentalised components, with two separate kernel layers. A microkernel core comprised of unmanaged code will control hardware and environment abstracts, while an ‘outer’ kernel of managed services will provide full operating functionality.

It is speculated that Midori will eventually replace Windows in a multi-phase operation, similar to IBM’s replacement of its iSeries with its p and xSeries.

Jeffrey Hammond, senior analyst at Forrest Research noted: “In this scenario, you establish Midori not so much as a replacement for Windows but as the hub of a new type of distributed system, which Windows machines connect in to until they are no longer needed.”

Link: SD Times

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