Matt Grainger talks about the importance of desktops

The Connected Home needs something to connect to

It was with some interest that I read the article on the future of the desktop PC in our recent issue.

As a desktop owner and enthusiast, it’s always interesting to hear how people think that the segment will develop, and I found it quite reassuring, amidst all the doom and gloom that is posited about desktops, to hear a more positive outlook.

As far as I’m concerned, the question is moot – for as long as they continue to sell desktop components then there will always be a desktop PC in my house.

This isn’t just to fuel my Eve Online addiction, though. For me the desktop remains the fundamental cornerstone of my home network. It’s the administrative control point for my home router and therefore the entire home network; it’s the sync point for my entire suite of mobile devices; and it’s the most powerful computer in a household that contains a further six devices, whether they’re laptops, tablets or smartphones.

In essence, it’s a back-end management system for my domestic network, and I couldn’t imagine not having it there.

The fact that I can upgrade certain components when I need to, means that I can keep my desktop competitive without having to shell out for an entirely new device. Even if there are people out there who don’t do upgrades, the all-in-one can offer a similar experience.

For these reasons it seems unlikely to me that the desktop PC will ‘die off’ any time soon. Sure, we’ve seen sales decline as tablets rise but I personally don’t like the term ‘cannibalisation’ that analysts use.

Tablets certainly have their uses and it’s of no surprise to me that they’ve become so popular – they’re essentially a window to the internet. However, desktops will always be a necessity in any household that’s doing more than just consuming data.

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