Channel Expo 08: Vendor says UK manufacturing has allowed it to adapt to rapid change in sector

Jet Tec: ‘UK operation key’

Consumables vendor Jet Tec has revealed that it believes it’s UK-based operations is the reason why it is market leader.

Taking time out from manning its stand at this year’s Channel Expo, the firm told PC Retail that its location had helped it to say ahead of the competition; both from rival vendors as well as the supermarket’s own brands.

It said that its location had helped because it allowed the firm to adapt to the massive changes the market had undergone in the past two years. It said that the change from printer ink being a specialist purchase to one that was ‘just another item on the shopping list’ had caught some of its competitors, but that it had been able to react.

It also said that one of the key reasons it had been so successful at getting its brand into the supermarkets was because of its patents.

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