Developer Bioware confirms release date slip of sci-fi RPG

Mass Effect PC release delayed

The PC version of Mass Effect will hit stores on Tuesday, May 28th in North America and Friday, June 6th in Europe – a delay to the title’s initial release date of May 6th.

The title will be published by EA, following Microsoft’s success with the title as a first-party release on Xbox 360, reported PC Retail’s sister site MCV.

A post on develop Bioware’s website reads:

‘I have just confirmed with the development team that we are making a small change to the release date of Mass Effect for the PC. We had previously announced May 6, 2008 for North America. The new release date for North America is May 28, 2008 and June 6, 2008 in Europe.

The team here at BioWare, working closely with the good folks at Demiurge Studios, has decided that a few more weeks in the studio will ensure we deliver the quality that our fans deserve. The additional time will allow us to incorporate more play-testing feedback, add extra polish and tune the additional features so that Mass Effect is a natural and outstanding PC gaming experience.

BioWare and EA are dedicated to excellence. We’re confident that the extra time will be reflected in the final PC experience that we deliver to our fans.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to delivering a great game!’

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