Also, Australians fight with delayed rotten batch

High price of fresh Apples deter consumers

A consumer survey conducted by YouGov has found that a quarter of respondents would be interested in owning an Apple iPhone, however, when confronted with the true cost of owning the unit, that figure dropped to a measly one per cent.

The handset will cost £269 and the minimum monthly contract is £35 on O2. The gadget will be available from November 9th, via Apple, O2 direct and the Carphone Warehouse.

Awareness of Apple and the iPhone is highest among young adults, early technology adopters, men and Sony Ericsson handset owners.

Marek Vaygelt, head of technology and telecoms consulting at YouGov, said: "The Apple iPhone has the potential to be a disruptive product in the mobile phone industry in the run-up to Christmas but it will require marketing that changes traditional purchasing behaviour to win over customers."

Meanwhile in Apple world, there’s trouble down under. The boss of Woolworths has blamed delayed shipping of the latest iPod on a decline in revenues. The three week delay, which provoked Michael Luscombe to make the claim, has now led to two major Australian electronics retailers denouncing his words – both agreeing that a single product could not possibly be a cause for a lapse in revenue.

In other speculation doing the rounds on the web, the touch alledgedly has a minor glitch when displaying images. It has been reported that the corners of an image dim when viewed, making some darker images virtually blackout.

Richard Uechtritz, who sells more iPods than any other Australian retailer, said: "a freeze on sales of iPod would have caused a drop of less than 0.5 per cent."

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