Set-top box manages internet, freeview, personal video recorder and much more

Babel TV launched

Peter Dawe, CEO of Dawevision has come up with an all in one solution to freeview television, internet and a host of other tools in one set top box.

Babel TV works via an easy to install ‘black box’ that requires only a Freeview arial and a broadband connection.

Dawe, said of Babel TV: “It’s simple, users can watch, record and pause Freeview TV. You can watch TV programmes from the Internet, surf the web and shop online. You can keep in touch with family and friends by email, write letters and use other office software. You can share and store photos, play and manage iPod or other MP3 player music, and you can make free or incredibly cheap Internet phone calls.”

He added: "All technicalities are managed remotely by Babel TV’s technical team. You don’t have to think about backups, viruses or malicious programmes. Babel TV even protects you from other members of the family messing up your files. Copies of all of your valuable photos, files etc are automatically backed up and stored at a secure location."

Babel TV boxes will be available online from November 6th priced £295 from One gigabyte of secure online storage costs £1 per month. Extra secure online storage is priced at an additional £1 per month per gigabyte.

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