Laptop version of the physics-processing card to be shown at Leipzeg

Aegia unveils PhysX Mobile

Ageia Technologies has announced a mobile version of its PhysX physics-processing card designed for use in high performance gaming laptops – the Ageia PhysX Mobile.

The card, which is designed to help take some of the strain modern in-game physics place upon CPUs, has been re-jigged in order to be able to fit it into a laptop’s smaller chassis.

Ageia will be demonstrating the card, alongside a variety of PhysX-compatible games including Unreal Tournament 3 and Warmonger at the Games Convention taking place this weekend in Leipzig.

"Ageia has unleashed some of the most compelling game experiences ever seen and we continue to push the envelope of physics in games by driving innovative and immersive gameplay experiences," said CEO of Ageia, Manju Hegde.

"Gamers should prepare for new levels of PhysX gameplay with exciting games such as NetDevil’s Warmonger and Midway and Epic’s Unreal Tournament 3. And all of this will soon be available in high-performance gaming notebook PCs powered by Ageia PhysX Mobile Technology," he added.

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