VMware virtualisation software enables Linux and windows OS to run simultaneously

Dell develops dual OS PC

PC manufacturer Dell has announced it is developing a dual operating system PC. The company has teamed up with virtualisation software company VMware, which develops software that allows more than one operating system to run at the same time. It is believed that SWsoft are also involved in the deal.

The system will allow users to use features from both operating systems, including security features. A virtualisation software equip machine could potentially use one operating system for internet browsing and another for computing tasks, limiting security threats to the machine.

Another perk of the setup is higher compatibility, users will have the compatibility of a Windows system, while being free to browse Linux open source software.

Kevin Kettler, Dell’s chief technology officer, confirmed at the Linuxworld conference that the system would, indeed, be developed. He added that we could see the systems as early as next year.

Kettler couldn’t say whether the PCs would be able to run Apple’s OS X software: "I can’t speculate on that," he said.

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