Mozilla chief thinks Jobs has 'a blurry view of the real world.'

Jobs accused of being duopolistic

The COO of Mozilla Corporation, John Lilly, has hit out at Apple’s launch of its Safari application for Windows, calling Apple’s Steve Job’s plans for the browser ‘out-of-date’ and ‘duopolistic’ in an entry on his popular blog.

Citing Job’s recent announcement of Safari’s migration to Windows, Lilly said that the absence of Firefox in the graph used during Jobs’ announcement suggests that Apple’s plan was to steal its users along with those of other smaller browsers in order to create a duopoly with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

He said that he doubted Apple’s vision of a two-browser webscape would ever come to fruition and that the popularity of its open source Firefox browser suggested that people were moving away from the old models of corporation-led software.

Mozilla’s Firefox is current the second most used browser on PC’s, while Safari has traditionally been associated with Apple Macs.

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