The Linx B-Tube Bluetooth speaker and hands-free device. Oh yes.

Cool gadget alert

PC Retail has been lucky enough to be able to play with the Linx B-Tube and while we’re not generally a review site, we feel duty bound to share this top gizmo with our readers.

Designed to capitalize on the ubiquity of MP3 player functionality on mobile phones, this brushed aluminium cylinder uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology to receive stereo audio them. Not only that, but it has a microphone and thus can double as a hands-free device.

The unit is around 16cm long and 4cm in diameter, with a speaker at each end. It’s pretty light and comes with a velvety pouch. For those lacking a Bluetooth device it has a conventional audio port and is supplied with a double ended audio line.

However, it’s by using Bluetooth that it becomes cool. It’s very easy to pair with a phone or laptop and provides surprisingly good sound for such a small unit. You can even recharge the integrated battery via a USB port.

There are loads of Bluetooth devices about, but this one really stands out in the cool stakes. At a retail price point of £49.99 it’s also cheap enough to appeal to yoof.

The Linx B-Tube is distributed exclusively by Micro-P, who can be contacted on 01256 707070.

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