Hotspots increase by 160 per cent in last 12 months

London tops wi-fi growth league

A new report by RSA Security has shown that London is leading the way for wi-fi users, with the English capital beating the likes of Paris and New York when it comes to wireless internet growth.

The BBC reports that the number of access points grew by 160 per cent in the last 12 months – in total, 7130 hotspots litter the capital, whilst New York and Paris boast just 6371 and 827 respectively.

And despite the huge growth, the percentage of unsecured access points actually fell. 24 per cent were still found to be liable to usage attack, but this compares favourably to New York’s 36 per cent and Paris’ 20 per cent.

“It is encouraging that almost half of all secured business access points are now using advanced forms of encryption,” RSA spokesman Christopher Young said.

“We expect to see these numbers increase as awareness grows around the perils of operating inadequately secured wireless networks.”

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