The computer maker describes the move as ‘business as usual’

IBM lays off another 1,573

Following an array of redundancies administered earlier this month, IBM has announced a further 1,573 lay offs as part of a drive to trim down its services organization.

As with the previous 1,135 strong staff cull, the jobs affected are mostly in the US. In its defence, IBM highlighted the fact that it hired 14,000 people worldwide during the first four months of this year, and described the sackings as ‘business as usual’.

According to The Register, some commentators, such as columnist Robert Cringely, have asserted that the layoffs are part of a mysterious sounding IBM covert operation called ‘Lean’. However IBM confirms that Lean has nothing to do with redundancies.

"Lean is a collection of Six Sigma business processes used by a number of leading companies to improve speed, quality and responsiveness to customers," said an IBM spokesperson.

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