Distributor VIP has introduced a new micro-site designed to support notebook resellers.

VIP launches new reseller website

The site is designed to educate VIP customers on the latest releases and trends in the notebook PC market and how to make the best opportunities from them. The introduction of the site follows research from market analysts GfK, which claims that in 2007 notebook PC sales will grow by 14 per cent and desktop sales will drop by ten per cent. VIP says that in order to adapt to this change in the market, resellers will need the additional support and advice in order to maximise margins.

The site includes advice on how to change business models, tips on the best up sell opportunities, a section which highlights the best margin making notebooks and add on sales, and information on what else VIP can offer to its customers to support them.

“VIP Computers has an established reputation for offering quality sales support to dealers and our new notebook micro-site will build on that,” said VIP product manager Stuart Watson. “This micro-site will help dealers understand our range of laptops quickly and offer a number of margin making accessories to ensure that end-users get the right product for their needs and the most value out of their purchase.”

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