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With the government placing an increased focus on sustainability in its operations, suppliers looking to win and retain contracts in the public sector will have to ensure they’re meeting new standards. But how can becoming more sustainable help suppliers work better with the public sector? To answer this we spoke …

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Seedtag to offer contextual advertising to brands during Euro 2020?

Seedtag will offer  its full stack advertising platform to advertisers during the Euro 2020. Its technology enables advertisers to serve ads on relevant articles, on a large amount of partner media, offering a reach of over 56 million monthly impressions in the UK. Seedtag’s contextual advertising technology provides the highest …

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Seedtag releases Dynamic Placement Optimisation to boost contextual advertising performance

Seedtag has released Dynamic Placement Optimisation (DPO), a real-time software that boosts Contextual Advertising performance.  DPO relies on seedtag Contextual full stack that first extracts data from more than 10,000 articles scanned every minute, providing a human-like understanding of the content and the highest level of Brand Safety in the …

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