Brigantia and ITagree protect MSPs 

Cybersecurity distributor Brigantia is bringing clarity to MSPs’ service agreements through a partnership with channel-focused contract specialists ITagree.

Unsuitable legal contracts are an all-too-common problem for MSPs, who often resort to using templates that are unfit for purpose. This can leave room for ambiguity about what services are owed. This lack of clarity in turn can put customer relationships at risk, or in more serious cases, open the door to potential legal action. Alternatively, ITagree is a New Zealand-based company that provides contract templates specifically for the channel.

The company was founded by Anne Hall, who has over 25 years of experience as a specialist IT lawyer. She wanted IT companies to have access to IT legal agreements without huge legal costs or delays. ITagree now has customers across the globe.

The partnership between Brigantia and ITagree is bringing long-needed clarity to service agreements. This partnership gives MSPs the opportunity to have:

  • Relevant agreements that reflect the services an MSP provides
  • Agreements created by specialists in the industry
  • Clear and understandable language which supports conversations with clients
  • Agreements which define their offering
  • Consultations and support from experts
  • Automated contract updates

Not only will this simplify a complex process, but it will also save time and costs.

The partnership between Brigantia and ITagree was formed to proactively support Brigantia’s MSPs, one of which Brigantia recently interviewed about using ITagree. In the interview, Austen Clark, Managing Director of Clark IT, discussed the impact ITagree has had in his company.  He explained how the legal agreements have simplified the language he uses with his clients, improving his own understanding of the agreements, which in turn makes it simpler to explain to clients what they’re contracted to. The agreements have given him a clear and defined structure to what is being offered to his clients and improved his marketability. Read the full interview here.

Brigantia’s sales director, Angus Shaw, said: “It’s so important for MSPs within the channel to have access to clear and relevant contracts and agreements. ITagree is taking steps to standardise the industry, they truly understand the business we’re in and provide the right protection for MSPs and their clients.”

If you want to find out more about ITagree, get in contact with Brigantia.

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