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NordVPN delivers freemium deal for secure file sharing with Meshnet

Cybersecurity company NordVPN has launched a new free model, giving consumers the security and convenience of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when sharing files.

The Meshnet feature, now available without a subscription, allows users to easily access other  devices, wherever they are in the world. The service acts like a local area network (LAN), connecting devices directly and enabling instant and safe file sharing. 

Meshnet creates a peer-to-peer link between computers or mobile devices, secured by an encrypted VPN tunnel. This means any device with NordVPN installed can operate as a VPN server, allowing users to bypass internet limitations while travelling. Because of the direct connection between devices, Meshnet is also suitable for high-speed activities like multiplayer gaming.

As well as sending and receiving files from their own devices, Meshnet users can also share them with family, friends and colleagues and there is no limit on size. The feature requires two-way consent, so privacy is guaranteed.

NordVPN has also released three of its products — networking library Libtelio, Meshnet application Libdrop and the company’s Linux application — under an open-source licence, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and allowing developers to review and contribute updates to the code.

Meshnet is available on all platforms, including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux, as well as Android TV. Users can link up to 10 personal and 50 external devices to their own network.

Vykintas Maknickas, product strategist at NordVPN, commented: “We are continuously expanding the capabilities of NordVPN. This release marks a significant change in openness by both making part of the service free as well as open sourcing a substantial part of our client software.”

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