TSC Printronix Auto ID establishes UK repair resources

UK end-users and channel partners no longer face time delays or transportation costs returning failed TSC or Printronix branded printers to Germany for repair as TSC Printronix Auto ID has just opened a UK repair centre to better support this region.

“By opening a satellite repair centre in the UK, we can deliver faster resolution of repairs and a more cost-effective service for our distributors (VAD), resellers (VAR) and end customers nationally,” says Jaime de Sousa, Service Specialist, TSC Printronix Auto ID EMEA.  “The centre enables us to abolish the shipping and import/export charges of returning failed printers to and from Germany, as well as get rid of delays caused by completing paperwork and awaiting custom checks. A UK base also ensures greater spare parts availability and alleviates any language barriers,” suggests Jaime.

In practice, end users will report TSC printer faults to their VAR or VAD who will troubleshoot the issue with TSC’s technical team in Germany. Targeted repair times will typically fall within 3-7 days of receiving the device, depending on spare parts availability and the type of failure.  The satellite centre will repair in-warranty and potentially out-of-warranty printers. Only full printers, complete with options and accessories, will be accepted not parts for repair.  “This new UK repair facility reinforces our commitment to better supporting the country’s end-users and our channel partners and demonstrates our dedication to improving customer service here. It will be a seamless, more efficient process to repair and return hardware, with the repairs carried out by TSC Printronix Auto ID certified engineers,” says Jaime.

New repair centre notwithstanding, end customers and VARs can alternatively choose on-site service. This resource is not provided by the new satellite repair centre and more information can be found about the programme at https://emea.tscprinters.com/en/service-programs

To learn more about the new UK repair centre and procedures, end users should first contact their VAR, VAD or the TSC Printronix Auto ID technical team at rma@tscprinters.eu

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