Beyond Encryption Announces Free Secure Comms for All

A free version of Beyond Encryption’s Mailock email encryption solution will provide users with encrypted and authenticated comms. While Mailock already offers free read and reply to end-users, the new free version will offer users 5 secure mail a month to send messages and attachments to providers, advisers or consumers without relying on them to send a message first.

This free version of Mailock will secure messages with the same military-grade encryption offered to current premium licence holders, along with enabling senders to integrate Mailock with Microsoft Outlook and identify their intended recipient using a Question & Answer authentication method. For those wanting to send more than 5 secure emails a month and unlock additional features such as sender company branding, SMS recipient authentication, email recall, trigger words and more, there will be an option to upgrade.

Beyond Encryption has made the decision to offer a free version of its Mailock solution to support rising industry concerns over the security of customer data. With a worldwide increase in digital activity leading to exponential growth in cybercrime, businesses across all sectors are realising the need to protect both their and their customers’ information while interacting online.

Paul Holland, CEO and Founder of Beyond Encryption, said: “Our goal is to make digital security accessible and affordable for all. We realised we weren’t fulfilling our responsibility as a cybersecurity company unless we gave consumers a way to securely send their documents to companies rather than just receiving them. Communication is a two-way street, and both ends need to be secure.”

Paul continued: “No responsible organisation would want their customers to jeopardise the privacy of their information, but that is exactly what they are doing by allowing them to send confidential or personally identifiable data without any form of encryption or security. By extending Mailock to offer protected comms to all, we also extend our customers’ duty of care, ensuring they align with ICO guidance and strengthening the secure network we are building across the market.”

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