Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren Now Available in White

Netatmo has released its Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren in a stylish new white version.

The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren has the same features as its predecessor. It can distinguish between individuals and animals, vehicles and harmless movements, and alert the user in real-time by sending a notification to their smartphone whenever it detects suspicious activity. They can then trigger the alarm and deter the intruder from wherever they are.

Compact and easy to install, the Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren can replace an existing light. It also has a built-in lighting system that can warn of any movement, light up the house’s entrance at night and scare off intruders with the help of its 105-decibel alarm.

Videos are stored on an encrypted MicroSD card to guarantee the security of the footage. It uses infrared vision to monitor suspicious movements at night and the Alert-Zones feature enables users to define a surveillance area for the camera so as not to encroach on public spaces of the neighbours’ garden.

Following a recent automatic update, the Netatmo Smart Indoor and Outdoor Cameras can now interact with each other, creating a camera ecosystem. This new feature allows the cameras to communicate with each other and trigger both the indoor Siren and Outdoor Camera’s Siren at the same time in case of an intrusion on the property or in the home. The two 105-decibel alarms are enough to scare off any burglars. The user will immediately receive a notification on their smartphone via the Home + Security app and can then decide whether to intervene or call the police.

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