Gemma Walters is the Chair for Women, and the General Manager for Microsoft at Exertis

Exertis Appoints ERG Chairs for Women, People from Ethnic Minorities, and LGBTQIA+ Communities

Exertis has appointed Leads for its newfound Employee Resource Groups. The ERGs consist of three divisions – women, people from ethnic minorities, and LGBTQIA+ communities – and the Chair for each division will drive support for, and progression within, their respective focal point. Gemma Walters chairs the ERG division for women; Manpreet Bath is leading the ERG for people from ethnic minorities; while Holly Chatton leads efforts to support LGBTQIA+ colleagues.

The purpose of an ERG is to create a safe, supportive space for employees who share a common identity, where underrepresented employees support one another in building their community. The objectives of the group include providing support and a safe space for communities within Exertis; as well as to educate the whole business about each communities’ lived experiences and how to work with their members more effectively; and to increase the amount of talent from each of the three focal communities at all levels of the business.

Exertis’s ERGs have been formed to actively promote inclusivity and to ensure everybody is given a fair chance to succeed and flourish in their chosen path within Exertis – regardless of their background. The ERGs commit to champion, mentor and coach individuals from all genders, ethnic backgrounds, and sexualities, as well as celebrating major events and driving policy changes within the company. Exertis intends the ERGs to help drive forward its policies on inclusivity in line with the company’s belief that diverse and inclusive organisations are successful ones.

Of the newly-appointed ERG heads, Gemma Walters is the Chair for Women, and the General Manager for Microsoft at Exertis. Walters said of her new duty: “The aim of our Women’s ERG is to raise awareness of issues facing women in the workplace, and we are committed to empowering, developing and supporting our female employees. As well as opportunities for networking and learning, we are going to be looking very closely at how we recruit, retain and advance women. We will challenge ourselves and set goals that we can measure in all these areas.”

Mani Bath is the General Manager for Datacentre & Commercial at Exertis, as well as the ERG Chair for people from ethnic minorities. Bath said: “Having been with Exertis only a short time, it is amazing to see the genuine drive for change throughout the organisation. It is not a tick-box exercise – the set up, the investment of time, and the people for the ERG is only just the beginning.”

Holly Chatton is the Head of Data Governance within Exertis, and the ERG Chair for LGBTQIA+ colleagues. Chatton outlined her drive to enable a safe environment for Exertis’s people: “I want to make it my mission to make this a welcoming and nurturing place for anyone who is part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Whether they are out loud and proud, still in a questioning phase, an ally and friend, a parent or relative of someone in the community, or are just curious and have questions. I want to help people be their true, authentic selves in the workplace.”

Exertis UK Managing Director Paul Bryan said of the ERGs: “I am so pleased that we have these new ERG platforms starting within our business and I am very proud to see that our people are so engaged and enthusiastic with this approach.  The more we learn, discuss and elevate these communities, the more we breakdown the taboos within society and create safe environments, allowing people to grow and achieve their aspirations”.

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