Latest ServiceNow Platform Release Offers Expanded Hyperautomation Tools

ServiceNow’s latest Now Platform San Diego release offers an upgraded, more modern visual design and new Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities with hyperautomation.

 “With our Now Platform San Diego release, we are unlocking the potential of hyperautomation,” said Chirantan “CJ” Desai, chief operating officer at ServiceNow.

With 25 purpose-built workspaces that feature a next-generation visual design, surface insights with dashboards, and use machine learning to assign tasks and recommend the next best action, Next Experience also helps platform users immediately get the required information and move priority tasks forward more quickly. New workspaces include new CSM Configurable Workspace, Dispatcher Workspace, HR Agent Workspace, Cloud Operations Workspace, Service Operations Workspace, and Hardware Asset Manager Workspace.

Notable among the new workspace experiences is Service Operations Workspace. Initially available in San Diego for IT Service Management teams, and later expected to be available for IT Operations Management teams in Q2 2022, this new workspace will redefine how these two previously siloed organisations can work and collaborate within a single experience.  While these two groups were historically treated as separate functions within the IT organization, Service Operations Workspace brings them together to deliver more proactive, seamless employee experiences and empowers IT knowledge workers such as service desk agents and operations teams with AI-powered guidance to help resolve issues fast.

Hyperautomation combines low-code application development, artificial intelligence, integration, and robotic process automation (RPA) to connect modern, legacy, or unstructured data sources and accelerate digital transformation.

Within its Now Platform San Diego release, ServiceNow is introducing its Automation Engine. Automation Engine is a complete automation and integration solution that combines Integration Hub with all-new RPA capabilities, delivering an average of 3X faster time to value. Together with ServiceNow’s native low-code app development product, App Engine, Automation Engine brings turn-key solutions that are easily accessible with no learning curve for ServiceNow developers, allowing employees to automate manual, repetitive actions and connect to any system, modern or legacy.

Automation Engine also features the brand-new RPA Hub, which provides a centralised command and control center to monitor, manage, and deploy digital robots, so organisations can automate any repetitive, manual tasks, streamline business processes, and help boost employee productivity, while reducing human errors.

“Organisations today are increasingly competing on experience, both when it comes to their employees and customers, in order to retain talent, grow revenue and drive resilience,” said Dr. Lara Greden, Research Director for IDC’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) practice. “Streamlining how work happens across teams and functions, with intelligent, connected experiences and by bridging together disparate systems, siloes and processes on a single platform, will be a strategic advantage. We anticipate that ServiceNow’s new solutions will help organisations deliver more productive, collaborative employee experiences, better value for customers, and overall result in a faster return on their technology investments.”

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