Civo launches new program to help developers power their events

Civo has launched its Developer Advocate Demo program, providing access to its cloud platform to help with the talks, events, demos and tutorials crucial to advocacy work. Members will benefit from rapid set-up with clusters up and running in 90 seconds, meaning less waiting and more engagement with the audience. Members of the program will also have access to Civo’s team of industry experts ready to support making any event a success.

Developer advocates who join the program will benefit from $1,000 free Civo credit to host demos, as well as early admission to exclusive beta features on the platform. They will be able to closely collaborate with Civo’s experts, with direct access to support via Slack Connect.

Civo will also work on co-marketing opportunities with members of the program, to strengthen links and ties of collaboration across the developer community.

Many enterprises are struggling right now to find an infrastructure partner who can deliver a reliable service for a fair and transparent price. Despite the growing usage of cloud, developers are still being hit with unexpected and rising service costs. Civo recently surveyed 1,000 developers at businesses of all sizes and found that over one-third of public cloud users (37%) have been stung by unexpected costs in the last 12 months. The same research found 74% of businesses have seen their cloud cost increase in 12 months.

Mark Boost, CEO & co-founder of Civo said: “At Civo, we firmly believe that managing IT infrastructure should not be an obstacle to developer creativity, nor slow down innovation in an organization. We are committed to supporting the growth of businesses, providing services that can simplify the developer experience.

“Developer advocates are the best kept secret in today’s developer community, working hard behind the scenes on training schemes and education – helping businesses understand the wants and needs of developers who use their products. I am thrilled to launch this program and share its benefits with fellow forward-thinking tech organizations.”

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